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The following commonly asked questions by patients are already included in the book:

  • I was told that bowel movement once a week is alright.  Is this really true?
  • I get diarrhea every time I eat. Before, the antidiarrheal medications were working, but now they do not. Why does this happen?
  • I get pain relief on the left side after I poop but the pain on the right side worsens after I poop. How come?
  •  It is so confusing that constipation is presenting as diarrhea. How is it even possible?
  • My doctor gave me laxatives but it worsened my pain. Why does this happen to me?
  • I was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel  Syndrome and the pain is there all the time.  However, I experience constipation sometimes. How can you explain that?
  • I was asked to take fiber to help with constipation but it ended up making my symptoms worse.    Why did this happen?
  • Why does fiber help constipation in some patients and not in others?
  •  Are all fiber supplements the same?
  • Do I need to drink eight glasses of water every day?
  • Will I get addicted to the laxatives?
  • Does the retention of stool in the colon lead to toxin generation that in turn, leads to feeling ill?
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Response to Reader Questions

I was fine until I noticed constipation and now I am having acid reflux, I noticed that my acid reflux is worse when I suffer from severe constipation. Is there a relationship between Constipation and worsening of my acid reflux? Mr MD, Chicago, IL Jan 2012
    Reflux and Constipation
      Dr Khurana Replies (Click the link for Response)

Please compare IBS with Gluten allergy. I always thought I had IBS as child, then one doc suggested it could be Gluten allergy - similar simptoms. Now I'm a little confused since the dietary recommendations for the 2 are diametrically opposite. I B, Amazon Reviewer Nov 2013
    Gluten free diet (Celiac Diet) and symptoms of Irritable bowel syndrome                                                                Dr Khurana Replies (Click the link for Response)